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Laser Hair Therapy is a breakthrough technology that takes your body's own ability to grow hair into overdrive. This safe, effective treatment is painless, has absolutely no side effects and is completely noninvasive.

Steven Edwards Color Group of New Berlin has been selected to locally offer the L3 enhancement process.  According to Steve Gengler, Steven Edwards Color Group president and Board certified Master Hair Colorist, “We’re extremely happy to be able to offer the L3 system to our clients.  Most of our patrons are professionals and realize how important the hair is in making a good appearance and a great first impression.  After investigating a number of different systems, we decided on the L3 because of its proven effectiveness.  The system was discovered by a doctor.

How it works:
Low Level Lasers "energize" the tissue since light is a form of energy. The term for this is photobiostimulation. The most common example of light converting into chemical energy is photosynthesis, where plants are fed via light converted into chemical energy. In a similar way, laser penetrates into soft tissue and increases the action of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that is a major carrier of energy from one reaction site to another in all living cells.

As the hair cell is among the fastest growing cells in the body, the effect of laser treatments on the scalp and hair is very beneficial in creating the hyper-stimulation that, enhances the appearance and feel of the hair.

Click Here to see a clip from "The Doctors" tv show about this hair restoration process.
Our L3 process is very affordable! Call for details 262.782.4200

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